On-site events.

fromtheoutsidein wellbeing workshops and retreat days

fromtheoutsidein create space for mind body wellbeing workshops and retreat days. 

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If you are a group or organisation and would like to hold a wellbeing event please get in touch for further information by contacting : Julie Benham  mobile :  07515 528 219  email : fromtheoutsidein@outlook.com


Massage2u brings massage and bodywork therapies into your own environment. It is available for everyone and can be useful as part of your wellbeing event, sports events, orchestras on tour and other groups or organisations where people may have limited mobility.

Running   violinistParachute Activity

For further details and information please get in touch with Julie Benham mobile : 07515 528 219 or email : bencare4wellbeing@outlook.com

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