here are a few of the many testimonials bencare has received :

For a more than a decade, with humour and humanity as well as great professionalism, Julie has been fine-tuning my back and easing my pain. My gratitude knows no bounds.


“Julie has been treating me on a monthly basis for 14 years, and has made a significant and positive difference to my overall well being. On occasions when I have been injured- for example when I broke my wrist last year- the treatment certainly accelerated my recovery. Julie combines extensive training and experience with a high level of sensitivity and empathy, and I have recommended her to a number of my friends”.


“Julie is a wonderful listener and a very warm, empathetic and approachable practitioner. I particularly appreciate her holistic approach to massage and her incorporation of yoga exercises, this has been especially helpful in addressing the problems around my arthritic knees”.   

V Yates.

“Julie has worked closely with our Stroke Support Group for 3 years. Concentrating on her innovative approach to exercise and relaxation has helped stroke survivors to improve their sense of touch and re-gain some movement in limbs. Our members have also benefited by improving their overall health, wellbeing and self-esteem”. 

G Macro

4ward Strokes Leicester

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